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Are You Facing These Problems?

Facing the risk of Spontaneous Breakage of tempered glass and accidental breakage from people or objects colliding with it which potentially life-threatening injuries.

Risk of glass smash and shatteringRisk of glass smash and shattering from many different situations

Smash-and-grab robberies, break-in entries, Natural disasters (Windstorm damage), vandalism and other causes of loss

SPONTANEOUS Glass Breakage can happen in anywhere surrounding you

Canopy, Skylight, Window, Facade, Retail Front, Shower Screen, Balustrades, Glass Flooring, Stairs Railing, Interior Fixtures, and more.

Frustrated with the hot weather and uncomfortable environment at home

Cracking headaches and feeling uncomfortable glare from the sun when you are watching TV or looking at your laptop

Too much exposure from Sun ray cause colour fading and discolouration to your expensive furniture and flooring.

Direct UV Rays transmission putting you with UV-related health risks such as skin cancers and cataracts.

With ArmorShield, you can now enjoy

Against Glass Shards

Effective Risk mitigation against glass shattering especially SPONTANEOUS Breakage of tempered glass. Protecting you and beloved ones against potentially life-threatening injuries.

Anti-Smash and Shatterproof

Effective Anti-Smash and Shatterproof adding window films to increase safety and security that prevents break-ins, vandalism, smash-and-grab robberies, natural disasters, and protects you from injuries caused by glass shards.

Strengthen Glass Up to 400%

Strengthen glass up to 400% and effective in prevents the glass from fragmenting, collapsing and disintegrating. No dangerous glass shards from spontaneous breakage or accidents at home. Protecting them from cuts or worse injuries!

Improve Privacy and Security

Window Films improve Privacy and Security, tint films makes it harder for an outsider to see valuables inside your home, protects you and provides you with more privacy.

Energy and Cost Savings

Saving money on your utility bills and help to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home and provides you with a cooling environment.

Reduces Sun Glare

Your screens without distraction by sun glare. Window films will reduce glare and allowing you to enjoy neutral light.

Protect Your Interior from Sun Damage

Your curtains and furniture near the windows are fading because of sun damage. Window Films in your home can preserve your interior from sun damage.


Safety Security Film

Armorshield Safety & Security Film is a clear high-quality polymer coating designed to make glass in your surroundings safer. The coating strengthens the glass dramatically against breakage and contains the dangerous shards in situations where breakage does occur. Armorshield offers superior protection against natural disasters, smash-and-grab robberies, vandalism, unauthorized entries and injuries caused by flying glass shards. amongst others


Sun-Control Film

Armorshield Sun-Control Films also offers protection against the harmful Ultraviolet Ray (UV) transmission, as well as reducing the total solar energy and eye-straining glare from the sun in your building interiors.  Effectively protect your home furniture from colour fading and energy savings.


Customized Design Film

Armorshield also offers fully customizable graphic design to imprint onto film. Customized design films are applicable for both the ARMOR and SOLAR film series. Also, it is recommended for INTERIOR application only. Warranty up to 5-year on print quality (20% Variance of Color Fade)