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ARMORSHIELD Founded in Singapore since 1985; today, the brand is dedicated to improving quality of life at home with its cutting-edge safety and security film, which is anti-smash and shatterproof. ARMORSHIELD Safety & Security Film is a clear high-quality polymer coating designed to make glass in your surroundings safer. The coating strengthens the glass dramatically against breakage and contains the dangerous shards in situations where breakage does occur. Hence, Armorshield offers superior protection against natural disasters, smash-and-grab robberies, vandalism, unauthorized entries and injuries caused by flying glass shards, amongst others. Armorshield also offers protection against the harmful UV rays, as well as reducing the solar heat and protecting your interiors from sun damage.

ARMORSHIELD Safety & Security Film is manufactured in USA using advanced film technology with a superior grade. Armorshield safety film also with numerous accreditations from recognised testing labs, you can be assured of the quality and performance of our products. With reliable protection that helps to strengthen glass up to 400%, prevents the glass from shards, reduces solar heat between 65% to 98%, rejects 99% of harmful UV rays transmission, increase comfort and safety with Armorshield.





Major Project:

Pan Pacific Hotel


Major Projects:

HDB | Changi Airport | Hotels | Hospitals | and more


ARMORSHIELD Expanded to Malaysia and Brunei

2015 - 2018

ARMORSHIELD Expanded to Indonesia and Thailand