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ArmorShield's Solar Premium, Made-in USA

Safety and Sun Control films can help you create a SAFER and COOLER environment. With ArmorShield Films, you can now enjoy a better living environment with hassle-free.

With ArmorShield, you can now enjoy

Improvement on Privacy and Security, tint film makes it harder for an outsider to see valuables inside your home, protects you and provides you with more privacy.

With ArmorShield, you can now enjoy

Saving money on your utility bills and help to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home and provides you with a cooling environment.

With ArmorShield, you can now enjoy

Your screens without distraction by sun glare. Window films will reduce glare and allowing you to enjoy neutral light.

With ArmorShield, you can now enjoy

Your curtains and furniture near the windows are fading because of sun damage. Window Films in your home can preserve your interior from sun damage.




Safety Films come in 2-mil / 50 micron. (1-mil = 25 micron = 0.025mm)


Solar Film comes with Heat Rejection capability, up to 74% of Total Solar Energy Rejected.


Solar Film also comes with sun protection; UV resistant adhesive that able to block up to 99.9% UV rays transmission

ALL FILMS comes with Scratch-Resistant Coating and Assorted Colours. Colour Choices are from 10% to 70% VLT Visible Light Transmission.


ArmorNeutral Lite (2-mil)

ArmorNeutral Med (2-mil)

ArmorNeutral Dark (2-mil)

ArmorHeat Shield (2-mil)

ArmorVision Dark (2-mil)

ArmorBlack (2-mil)

ArmorSilver Lite (2-mil)

ArmorSilver Dark (2-mil)

ArmorBronze Med (2-mil)

ArmorHybrid B50 (2-mil)

ArmorHybrid B70 (2-mil)

ArmorHybrid G70 (2-mil)